Berthoud, Colorado


Apple Leaf Assisted Living in Berthoud, Colorado
is designed to optimally suit senior living.  Located in a beautiful and relaxing country setting with farm and mountain views, Apple Leaf is the place for someone who just wants to stay at home. 

  • Beautiful 5,000 sq. ft. ranch-style home, all on one level
  • Smaller, home-like environment
  • Easy wheelchair access
  • All private rooms and bathrooms 
  • Personal furniture and belongings encouraged
  • 24-hour care and supervision by experienced loving personnel 
  • Owners/Operators have 38 years of senior care experience 
  • Colorado State licensed and inspected

Call for more information or to schedule a visit

At Apple Leaf Assisted Living Center
being a friend to members of our household
will always be a vital part of our care.

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